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  • What is eVOD?
    eVOD is a Video On Demand service giving you access to shows, movies and other content.
  • In which countries can I access eVOD?
    South Africa only for now.
  • How do I get the eVOD App?
    Visit the relevant app store and search for eVOD.
  • If I have an eVOD app, do I have to update the app?
    Yes, please try to keep the eVOD app up to date. Your device should prompt you when there is an update available.
  • How many devices can I use the eVOD app on?
    3 devices can be registered and you can use 2 devices to stream simultaneously.
  • Can I install the eVOD app without incurring any data charges?
    Yes, you can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and download it through wifi without incurring mobile data costs.
  • What happens to my bill when I cancel my Premium subscription?
    You become a free user on eVOD.
  • When will I be charged for my subscription?
    Your subscription will automatically be charged monthly.
  • How can I pay for eVOD?
    You can either pay through the app store. We intend to support additional payment methods in the future so look out for announcements.
  • How do I change my payment method?
    Changing your payment method once registered and subscribed is not available at this time.
  • When will I be billed for my eVOD subscription?
    Your subscription will automatically be charged once a month while subscripted to a premium plan.
  • Can I change from a premium subscription to a free subscription?
    Yes you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription anytime by using your Google Play or Apple Store subscription service or in the Android or iOS application
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription from your app store.
  • What happens when I cancel my eVOD subscription?
    Your subscription will be cancelled at the end of your paid subscription period. You will then only be able to access free eVOD content.
  • What is Fast Forward?
    Fast Forward allows viewers to access episodes of their favourite daily soaps and telenovelas before it airs on TV.
  • Which subscription do I need to access Fast Forward?
    All plans.
  • How many Fast Forward episodes do I get on a Monthly Plan?
    5 episodes of soapies and telenovelas per week
  • Which shows are available on Fast Forward?
    Durban Gen, House of Zwide, Scandal, Imbewu, Selected Afrikaans dubbed Turkish dramas and local reality shows.
  • What type of content can I expect to see on eVOD?
    Viewers can access previous seasons of their favourite local shows, documentaries and movies.
  • What is Catch up?
    Viewers can Catch up on their favourite programmes and binge watch certain series for a limited time. A selection of new content will premiere first on eVOD giving viewers early access to their favourite programmes.
  • I can no longer find a program I was previously watching on eVOD?
    Programs do expire and will be removed from our content catalogue.
  • How long are the shows on Catch up available?
    Due to content right restrictions, Catch up content is only available for a limited time.
  • How often is content uploaded to the platform?
  • How large is the catalogue of content?
    Over 3000 hours of content.
  • What is free content on the platform?
    There is over 1500 hours of free content on the platform. Programmes will play with limited commercial breaks.
  • What is Premium content?
    This is exclusive content to eVOD.
  • How do I know which content is only available on subscription?
    Premium content will be clearly indicated on the content posters.
  • Why am I seeing advertising?
    There will be advertisements as a large portion of content that is free is funded through advertisements.
  • If I pay for a subscription will I still see ads?
    Yes there will be ads, so that Premium content can be affordable to you the customer.
  • What is a premium subscription?
    An eVOD premium subscription is a subscription service that you would pay a monthly fee that grants you access to watch exclusive premium eVOD content.
  • What subscription options are available?
    eVOD comprises has free or Premium content. The premium service can be accessed via a paid subscription available on a monthly fee.
  • What is the difference between the free and paid for subscription?
    Premium content will only be available to subscribers. Free content will be free and include advertising.
  • Why does my mobile data deplete when I watch eVOD?
    eVOD is a Video Streaming service that requires internet connection to stream video content.
  • Do I get data with the eVOD service?
    No, users will not be provisioned free data unless part of a promotional campaign
  • How much does eVOD cost?
    eVOD is free except when you want to watch premium content. Go to to see pricing.
  • Is the content across all the subscriptions the same?
  • Where can I find eVOD
    Visit to access eVOD or it can be found in your device app store, if you have an Apple or Android device.
  • How do I subscribe on
    Users can upgrade to a paid subscription on the iOS or Android apps.
  • How do I purchase a subscription on the eVOD app?
    In app purchases for access to content is available, select the content you wish to watch and the app will prompt you to purchase a subscription from the app store. eVOD also provides options to access the content, visit the eVOD website for more information.
  • When will my eVOD subscription expire?
    Your eVOD subscription is recurring and will not expire. You will need to cancel your subscription in the app store or from within the eVOD app.
  • How secure is the eVOD service?
    The eVOD service is completely secure and all information captured from your profile and billing is governed by the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI). The platform also has advanced security mechanisms such as machine learning fraud detection and double opt in mechanisms such as a 2 factor approval + authentication.
  • How do I log a query regarding the eVOD service?
    You can get in touch to our call centre on: 0861 515 151​​​​​​​ or send us a message using the contact form.
  • What devices can I watch on?
    The eVOD service is available on all major web browsers for computers and mobile devices. The eVOD app is available on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Other devices could be added in the future.
  • See all supported Android devices
    Android version AOS 5.0+
  • See all supported web browsers
    We will support the latest and last release versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
  • See all supported Apple devices
    Apple devices running version iOS 10+
  • Why is my internet access slower than usual?
    Internet speeds do slow down due to weather conditions, network quality in your area, load shedding and traffic on the network at peak hours.
  • Am I guaranteed good viewing experience while watching eVOD?
    This depends on your device and internet connection speed. eVOD uses world leading Content delivery platforms to provide the best service its customers.
  • How fast should my internet connection be to use eVOD?
    We stream at various resolutions, the minimum internet speed requirement for mobile networks is a 3G speed or be on a Wi-Fi network.
  • How do I set the video quality and bandwidth capping to save data?
    Not possible at this time.
  • Do I need JavaScript to use eVOD on the web and how do I enable it?
    Enable JavaScript in your browser to see ads on your site. On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click on "More" then go to "Settings". At the bottom, click "Advanced". Under "Privacy and Security", click on "Content settings". Click on "JavaScript". Turn on "Allowed" (recommended).
  • Which Apple devices are supported?
    All iPhone devices with iOS 10+
  • How do I install the eVOD app on my Apple device?
    Go to the app store and search for eVOD.
  • Can I sign up and subscribe through the eVOD app on my Apple device?
    Yes, download the app, register and select to watch some content, if you need a subscription, you will be offered subscription options, note that subscriptions purchased in the app store are recurring.
  • Which Android devices are supported?
    Android version AOS 5.0+.
  • How do I install the eVOD app on my Android device?
    Visit the app store and search for eVOD.
  • Can I sign up and subscribe using the eVOD app on my Android device?
    Yes, download the app, register and select to watch some content, if you need a subscription, you will be offered subscription options, note that subscriptions purchased in the app store are recurring.
  • Why does the eVOD app for Android request permission to access my Android device's microphone?
    This is a standard safety feature from Android devices when accessing new apps that need access to your device information.
  • How much data does the eVOD app use?
    This will depend on the resolution of the content watched.
  • How can I control the amount of data used by the eVOD app?
    It is not possible to control the amount of data consumed by the eVOD app.
  • Can I pause, rewind and forward on the eVOD app?
    Yes, you can press the play, pause or fast forward/rewind buttons.
  • How can I switch off notifications on my phone for the eVOD app?
    There are no notifications.
  • Can I watch eVOD offline?
    No this is not currently supported.
  • I cannot access the eVOD site?
    Please ensure that you are able to access other internet sites from your browser, your mobile data is on or connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, you have sufficient data available to stream the service.
  • I cannot access the eVOD app?
    Please ensure that you are able to access other internet sites from your browser, your mobile data is on or connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, you have sufficient data available to stream the service.
  • Do I need Wi-Fi or data to watch eVOD?
  • Can I download the shows to watch offline?
  • Is there a limit to how much I can watch?
    No, there are no limits on how many hours of content you can consume.
  • How do I save my favourite movies and services to watch later?
    Click on the "Favourite" button on the details page of the relevant content. Visit the "Favourite" menu section and select "Movie" or "Series" to view your selected favourite.
  • Where can I see what I have recently watched?
    Visit the "Recently Watched" section of the eVOD app.
  • Are subtitles available?
    Yes, if provided by eVOD, there will be a caption selector on the video player controls.
  • Can I start watching on one device and resume on another device?
    Provided that you were logged in to both devices, you will see recently watched content across both devices.
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