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Mother Of All - There’s no greater warrior than a mother protecting her child.

What if the only way a an ex-cop/ex-con mother can defend her daughter risks alienating her even further from her and denying herself redemption?

What happens in Mother Of All season 1?

Nolwazi "Nono" Mathebula, an ex-cop, walks out of prison, resolved to be an exemplary daughter to her religious mother, an amazing mother to her celebrity daughter and through gainful employment - a model citizen. Even when both her mother and daughter reject her, and the South African job market proves to be just as unforgiving, Nono remains steadfast in her resolutions.

However, when a local gangster slits her daughter's boyfriend's throat and, makes sure her daughter's fingerprints are on the murder weapon to blackmail her into submission - Nono has no choice but to be as ruthless as she was in prison. This ex-cop survived a 10-year sentence amongst dangerous inmates intent to kill her every night only because killer whales can only survive shark-infested waters. A side of her, Nono hopes both his mother and daughter never see.

Nono raises an all-women army made of ex-convicts - all searching for redemption - rejected by their respective families and the South African job market to save her daughter. When the local gangster proves to be the ground floor of a skyscraper, Nono and her posse find themselves in an endless battle pilling bodies on every floor - a cure potentially worse than the initial disease.

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Episode 1-4 Recap

Episode 1

After serving years in prison , disgraced former Police Detective Nolwazi "Nono" Mathebula, walks out of prison to find his former partner Joseph “Ministerof 10%” Gamede happily waiting to transport her home in the back of the police squad. She has resolved to be an exemplary daughter to her religious mother Namkhwanazi, an amazing mother to her celebrity daughter Fufu and through gainful employment - a model citizen. Only to be rejected by everyone; her mother, daughter and the South African job market. Whilst Duke Zaxa, the local kingpin, is at the start of consolidating his criminal empire by making his first big kill .

Episode 2

Nono makes it her personal mission to arm and train the ladies of the Halfway house against a spade of break ins. Whilst Fufu is in two minds about continuing with the grand opening of the club after the death of the previous owner. Duke with the help of his goons gives Fufu an offer she can’t refuse, .

Episode 3

A drunk and very embarrassed Nono has to figure out how to help Fufu, using her particular set of skills, or Fufu might end up in jail. Michael and Joseph strike up a coalition against Duke. Nono enlists one of the ladies at the Halfway house ladies to help Fufu

Episode 4

Andile keeps the real story behind his new job as Irvines driver from his wife Zureida. Whilst Nono uses Vutlhari to spy on Irvine to find out what does Duke actually use the club for. Tumi and Joseph are put on the case of Malusi’s disappearance. The ladies of the halfway house cross a line that they can never return from in aide of Nono and Fufu


Zenande Mfenyana as Nolwazi “Nono” Mathebula

Buyile Mdladla as Zuke Zaxa

Lynn Nelisa Willem as Fufu

Cabangile Gumede as Namkhwanazi

Six Nyamane as Noks

Bridgette Masinga as Tumi,

Thandeka Qwabe as Khosi

Brian Linda Qwabe as Irvine

Bonginkosi h Kulu as Ngiza

Thamie Africa as Noto

Thandeka Nodada as Mercy

Albert Thanda as Sam

Sibobakaliso Mazibuko as Andile

Phumelele Majola as Nellie

Fanelesibonge Ntuli as Dru

Melusi Yeni as Joseph aka Minister of 10%

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