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  • Joe Strydom

My Girlfriend's Father - That awkward moment when you meet the in-laws...

My Girlfriend’s Father is a romantic comedy that follows a couple that explore the meaning of love and why in the first place they came together through their respective cultures. They have been together for almost three years. Sandile is a chef by profession who aspires to one day open his own restaurant, while Dimpho is a doctor that was raised by a staunch traditionalist from the royal family.

Whilst driving home with her rebellious sister, Pertunia for the holiday season, Dimpho’s car breaks down and Petunia manipulates Sandile into coming to their rescue unaware thatDimpho hasn’t disclosed their identity to him. He is taken aback when he discovers that Dimpho is a princess and her father, the leader of the diamond-rich Bakudu Kingdom, King Morena Kudu. Sandile also has to contest for Morena Kudu through a former boyfriend that he sees fit for her daughter, Kagiso. The couple encounter tribulations that end up testing the core of their relationship.

Morena realises that Sandile’s heart was in the right place all along when he saves the family heritage through discovering Kagiso’s sinister plan. Dimpho and Sandile reconcile.


Mapula Mafole (Dimpho), Monnye Kunupi (Yvonne), Linda Nxumalo (Sandile), Mapaseka Koetle (Pertunia), Sello Ramolahloane (Morena), Kagiso Rathebe (Kagiso), Ishmauel Songo (Trevor), Tebatso Mashishi (Big Boy)

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